Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A life of Truth - Keeping love Sacred

A life of Truth – Keeping love Sacred.
“Love is the ultimate guru. Where love does not exist, life cannot exist”

Tired, Frustrated, Overweight, addicted, overworked, stressed with anxiety, driven by obsession, out of balance? If yes, this article may provide you with an amazing insight.

Human spirit is another word for energy. There is no ghost or spirit controlling our vitality. What controls our vitality and energy is our love for life. When our mind, our heart or our spirit withdraws from something, so our energy withdraws. We begin to feel tired, exhausted, angry or simply disappointed.

Tired is physical but its real origins are in the human heart.

The soul thinks in pictures and when the pictures become fuzzy, so the soul goes on holiday. Soulless living means the dream is lost, the love is gone, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Love is food for the heart, energy for the spirit. Really, when you find an exhausted, tired person, you find a person who has lost love. They might even be in a relationship, but the love has gone out of it. They might be in a job, but the love has gone out of it. Because we are so afraid of change, sometimes we stay in relationships and jobs when the love goes out of it. We do it because our culture, society values staying higher than going. Then, if the love goes out of it, we have to find substitutes.

Love cannot be forced. If love goes out of a relationship, it becomes a soulless union. Anything done, where the human spirit is lost, is done without soul. Then it is purely mechanical. There are allot of people who can deal with this mechanical life on the surface, but below the surface they have found a coping mechanism, a substitute for love, a way of supporting their spirit while it dies.

The four substitutes are:


Food as a substitute. This obsession reveals itself in obesity, preoccupation with flavour and cooking, eating disorders, and substance abuse including alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and sugar. Food is not limited to what we consume by mouth. Infatuation and upper emotions are food as well.

Sex as a substitute. This obsession reveals itself in so many ways. Flirting, seeking approval, appetite for physical sex, masturbation, fantasy, affairs to name a few. Sexual drive rises as a substitute for love, not always as a mirror of it. This can include the pleasure lust for spiritual enlightenment.

Greed as a substitute. When love goes out, and therefore human spirit – energy goes out of someone’s life, greed comes in as a substitute. This greed is an appetite seen in blind ambition, obsessive saving, status and power in the form of cars, success, and righteous aggression. Holding onto children, living vicariously.

Righteousness as a substitute for love. The human ego thrives on blame. It wants to be right. The human ego is what grows to replace the human spirit when love is missing in a persons life. The human ego defends the individual from what they fear, creating a feeling of identity and self importance, energy.

To change a circumstance in our life, it is wise to deal with cause, rather than effect. The cause of the need for substitutes is that LOVE is not held SACRED. When love is gone, Sacred is gone, spirit dies and we are left with no option but to fill our empty space with a substitute.

Substitutes are responsible for: affairs, arthritis, arm ache, gangrene, heart attack, gum disease, ulcers, obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, suicide, car accidents, premature ejaculation, impotence, cancer, tinea, acne, bad moods, domestic violence, low productivity and more….

Do what you love, love what you do.

The loss of the human spirit is an epidemic that’s spreading fast. Have you caught it. Are you going through the motions of a relationship that’s dead, a job that’s about money, an exercise program that’s about how you look? Are you hooked on substitutes, righteousness about the world, greed about wanting, sex about acceptance, food about consumption? If so, it can all change if you prioritise love. Where love doesn’t exist – substitutes do.

Be you

Cultural norms make us stay where we don’t need to be. They make us leave where we don’t need to leave. Cultural conditioning make us think our parents are important after the age of 15. Cultural norms suggest the length of our relationships are more important than the quality and integrity of them. Where love stops, hearts stop.

The soul thinks in pictures. Can you see? With your inner eye? Are your dreams alive?

Remember, tiredness, ageing, stress and frustration are just signs that love is gone and substitutes have crept in.

Live with Spirit


Monday, April 9, 2007

All About Love - How to know love - naturally.

The Three Tiers of Relationship
1/ Friendship
2/ Love
3/ Relationship

Whether you are single and looking for love, or double and going through challenges in love, there is can be great advantage in understanding how relationships work, and a foolproof way of dealing with challenges in them.

Going through relationship challenges, the key is not to react. Learn to let go.
Love really is a non attachment. To love someone or something is to release it. Let them be themselves. To love a child is to release your expectations of them. To love your partner means unconditional. No matter where they are, no matter what they do, no matter what they did or didn’t do. You love them. This is the truth

In times of challenge, go to the bleachers. Go sit in peace, if you release the bird, and it doesn’t return, it wasn’t yours. Let Karma play its hand.

Don’t push and shove – learn to love.
You can gain allot of confidence in karma if you know you have done your best. By following the guidance of Sacred Love book, you know you are not the “cause” and therefore, you can trust Karma. Let the universe do what it must. Lay down your weapons. Trust Karma

If you grab you are interfering. If you reject you are interfering. Hold your space and deal with the emotions as they come up, without reaction or action. Hold the space of love, trust, that if you stay in this space, then Karma will play its hand.

All relationships must be founded on three things.

The ground must be solid and built on friendship. If there is friendship, then, the worst outcome of a fall from love is a beautiful place with a person we want to care for and love. So if there is drama, hold your lover as a friend. Offer friendship as an alternative to relationship. If you can’t be friends with someone you want to be in a relationship with, then you have been revealed as a phoney. Friendship means to wish for someone's happiness and to do what you can to help them. If you can’t be a friend to someone, how can you have a relationship with them? This is the base layer that needs to be real genuine and solid. In other words if you wouldn’t be a friend of the person you are in a relationship with (if there was no relationship) then, really your relationship is killing you both.

The second tier, once friendship is established, is love. This sort of Love must be unconditional love. To love means to release and hold at the same time. Love is the willingness to let the bird fly and know if it is meant to be yours, it will return. This is the second tier. To know how to hold love for someone even if they don’t want relationship with you is the gift of Innerwealth. Love is not a condition that is placed on someone. Unconditional love, the foundation for REAL relationships has no IF. There is no IF. There is no condition for the love that underpins a relationship. Love is the foundation from which the emotional and physical and conditional experience of relationship can grow. If you or your partner cannot understand this concept of unconditional love, then all that is built in relationship is temporary. Love must, in its purest form, be unconditional

The third tier is the relationship. A relationship that is based on friendship, motivated by love, has no where bad to fall. The worst that can happen is that you might end up holding love for a person you like, but don’t have control over them. Relationship is the cream on the cake, the self satisfaction of a dynamic between two humans. Emotional. material, experiential and personal – a wonderful expression of all that underpins it. A relationship with someone is the crown, but it cannot be allowed to exist in the absence of a willingness to be a friend, and to love (therefore release) unconditionally. Relationship can come and go, but the willingness for friendship and love, are the truth that lives beneath it. Always know that the worst that can come, if relationship is lost, is that you get to love someone you like, but now, just can’t control.

To be a good friend, you’ll need to have a sense that your dreams, hopes and ambitions are your own. They are portable, adaptable and transferable. If they don’t manifest in the company of one person, they will manifest in the company of others. Relationships are not there to cause your dreams to manifest. Relationships are a part of the process. Trust nature in this. Let her guide you, learn to adapt to the changing tides of life. Hold your dreams and purpose sacred, allow nature some hand in the dynamics through which they manifest.

To know love, unconditional love, is to understand the difference between your expectations and your love. People can reject your expectations they cannot reject your love. Hold your love cantered in your heart. Know that you can never stop loving someone you can only put your mind in the way. Practice this as instructed in Innerwealth – The book of love.

Relationship must be seen as the bubbles in the Champaign, the icing on the cake, the cream. The crown. Relationships built on friendship and love, are places of celebration. There is a health independence as only friends know. There is a healthy perspective, as only unconditional love can produce. There is a willingness to dance and struggle as only the provocation and intimacy of a relationship can create. This is relationship built on friendship, sustained by innerwealth, celebrated in intimacy.

Live with spirit

Chris Walker

Monday, April 2, 2007

Don't Stuff it up - Self Management for Busy Lovers

Give me a week, a month or a year, with no distractions, and I'll give you perfect love. But give me a day, where the phone never stops ringing, where the cash flow is not on target and the new product release is coming too soon, and I'll give you the average life of a busy person.

Ambition wins hands down in business. Ambition in relationships kills everything it stands for. Passion in business is called leadership. Passion in relationships lasts a matter of months. Busy people, all too often apply the secrets to their business survival to their relationship and end up complaining "where has all the love gone?"

As the world calls for FASTER. Faster cars, Faster food, Faster Sex, Faster porridge, Faster entertainment, Faster results, Faster Change, Faster families, Faster spirituality (refer The Secret) there is one thing that is going in the opposite direction, resisting the tides of progress, and that is love.

Try faster love, try slipping through a few misdemeanors in your relationship, try forgetting the small, humble, irrelevant, trivial detail in love, and you'll end up in Mexico, Faster Divorces.

Love is Sacred. This is not about the amount of time you spend with someone, or in any way a contradiction to your ambitions in financial or career areas of life, in fact it supports them. Keeping love sacred is more about not forgetting what its really all for. Why work, why be wealthy, why become famous if the cost of it all is the loss of love.

The first key in this, as I wrote in Sacred Love is, learning to differentiate between love and emotion. That way, you will be able to put your expectations, your ambitions, your judgements, your moods, your disappointments, your hopes, your hard work all in context, without sacrificing the real reason you do all that; love.

A few thoughts.

1/ Learn to stop - Stop means do nothing, learn to stop wanting to fix, improve, change, modify, better, help, calm, inspire, give, or anything. Learn to sit with yourself and someone you love and stop. I teach this. The art of doing nothing. I am very good at doing nothing and proud of it.

2/ Learn to think. Most people don't think. They think that they think. They think they are thinking by chasing and reacting and judging. This is good and that is bad. But this is conditioned thinking like a donkey chasing a carrot stuck on the end of a stick that's bolted to it's head. Learn to think. And to do that, you'll need to get a different perspective. I teach that because I have seen too much suffering come from conditioned, I'm right you're wrong thinking, which is not thinking at all. That's monkey mind.

3/ Get content. There's a gap between what you've got and what you want. A big gap if you are anything like me. I grew up ambitious. Self dependent, so the sky is the limit. Sadly, this head-space can cause as huge a disaster as it can cause victory. If you bring this "I wanna" head-space into your relationships, kiss your partner goodbye. I think this skill of contentment with ambition, is the greatest gift we can have. It gives us choices. And isn't that power?

4/ Love is cumulative. If you think being an arse at work, can be compensated by playing with the children as a good guy, then, welcome to the delusion behind 90% of youth issues in the world. Dualistic parents, acting a lie. Nothing affects the child more than the un-lived life of the parent and this is a big problem. A loving person is a loving person whether they are at work or at home or alone. But my experience is that most of the "loving husbands" who come to seminars would jump into bed with a woman at a glance as long as no one knew. So called spirituality to most people means knowing what's healthy, rather than living it.

5/ Don't become exclusive. Narrow religious thinking pre-supposes that finding someone other than your partner attractive is a corruption. Jealous husbands and wives demand that their partner find only them attractive. This is a bad impression. A loving person is a loving person. The person you find attractive will be attractive to others. The person who is attracted to you will be attracted to others. The question, and where religion gets it right, is what to do about it? Feeling something is great, acting on it is the consciousness of an animal. Goats have sex because they can't differentiate between attraction and action. So don't act the goat.....

Hope you enjoyed this. Sacred Love the book is really the first insight into relationships written for busy - ambitious people. The book drives to the heart of what makes the difference between sustainable love and short term emotional panic. It separates the Sheep from the Goats, or better put, the LOVERS from GOATEARD.

With Spirit